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Home Performance Energy Audit in Long Island

A Long Island energy audit from Radiant Insulation can help you understand how your home or business currently uses power for everything from HVAC to appliances. By inspecting the structure of your property, you can discover ways to improve the efficiency of your property. This doesn’t just help you save money on utility costs. The systems you use every day to create a comfortable environment will also be working at optimal levels of performance and require less maintenance.

Our certified team of energy experts will come to your property and take a thorough accounting of your home’s existing energy systems and their output. We’ll also examine your home structurally to see where the energy loss occurs. Once we’ve identified the holes in your existing system, we’ll create a detailed report that examines the problem and offers viable solutions for making your home as energy-efficient as possible.

There are programs in the state of New York for big savings of up to $4,000 on improvement projects in your home. Our energy experts have gone through rigorous training to help you take advantage of all there is to offer.

  • Up to $3,000 cash back in NYSERDA rebates
  • Up to $1,000 cash back in PSEGLI rebates
  • Low-interest on-bill financing available up to $25,000

Start saving energy and money. Most New Yorkers qualify for free or reduced-cost comprehensive energy audit and low-interest loans. It’s easy to get started; and we’ll walk you through the process every step of the way! Call Radiant Insulation to receive a professional home energy audit today.

Benefits of Insulation

  • Increasing Value of Your Home
  • Protection Against Dirt and Allergens
  • Better Air Quality
  • Protection Against Mold and Mildew
  • Huge Savings on Energy Bills
  • Making Your Home Energy Efficient