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  • Home Energy Audits: From DIY to Professional Results

    A home energy audit is an evaluation of the energy usage throughout your home. Because a significant percentage of home energy usage is associated with achieving comfort through heating and air conditioning, taking steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency will reduce both the monthly cost of heating and cooling your home, as well as the strain placed on your HVAC system and the risk of problems or breakdowns. As a homeowner, there are several initial steps you can take if you think your home may be using more energy than necessary. However, while you can make this initial determination for yourself, only a professional energy auditor has the tools and the knowledge to find out exactly how much energy your home is using, the size of your potential savings, and exactly where home improvements are needed to deliver the best results.

    Steps You Can Take

    If you suspect that your home is losing energy through poor insulation or weatherproofing, there are several investigatory steps you can take to determine whether there might be a problem. One of the easiest ways to examine your home’s energy usage is to gather your last few years of energy bills and compare the same month of subsequent years to determine whether your energy costs have gone up. Additionally, the ENERGY STAR website allows you to compare your home’s energy consumption with homes of similar sizes through its Home Energy Yardstick calculator . If you’re ready to do a little exploring around your home, take a walk through each room and check around windows, doors, outlets, and light switches to determine whether you can feel moving air. You can also use a piece of incense or puffer stick to seek out drafts in your home. If these steps lead you to believe your home is experiencing energy losses, your next move should be to call in a professional home energy auditor.

    Professional Energy Audit Results

    While simple home tests can tell you whether you might benefit from improved insulation and weatherproofing, only a professional energy audit can tell you exactly where energy loss is occurring and how much you could save by making certain changes and upgrades to your home. Your home energy auditor will use specialized tools and techniques to look for areas that are under-insulated, poorly-sealed, or pose other energy loss risks. Next, your auditor will go over the potential solutions for the problems he finds and help you balance the cost of improvements with the long-term energy savings you can expect to see; he will also let you know whether you are eligible for home energy tax credits, which are available for some types of home energy improvements. Finally, working with an insulation and weatherproofing professional to make the changes you desire is the very best way to ensure these tasks are completed quickly and correctly so you can begin enjoying the energy savings you want immediately.

    Are you curious about your home’s energy consumption or looking to improve your home’s insulation in Easthampton? Our experienced home energy and insulation experts will work with you to determine the right solution for your needs so you can enjoy better insulation and soundproofing for your home. We offer a variety of insulation solutions, including insulation for flooring, walls, and ceilings, mineral wool insulation, fiberglass batting insulation, and eco-friendly Icynene spray foam insulation. You can learn more about installing or upgrading home insulation on Long Island on our website , or keep reading our blog for great home energy information and tips.